“Jeremiah and Anna Marie”


This is my recently completed colored pencil portrait. The is of portrait of Jeremiah and his beloved horse , Anna Marie. Jeremiah rode Anna from California to Missouri..from Missouri to North Carolina…and back again!! When people asked him WHY he would ride a horse across the country, he replied, ” Well, I’ve seen one ocean..now it’s time to see the other one!” People he met along the way, all stated what a kind , warm hearted, man he is. His horse , Anna Marie, was a sweetheart. Jeremiah has helped many along his journey. There was a tragic accident and he had to put sweet Anna down. When I read about his loss, I wondered how I could help. The answer, of course, Through my artwork!! I noticed many wonderful photographs he had and I obtained permission to use some of them for artwork that would solely benefit Jeremiah. Many extremely generous people stepped forward and gave him a new horse! Wonderful! Hopefully, some sales from this series can help Jeremiah.

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