Painting Subjects

Pet Portraits:
Our portraits of your pet will be a unique composition which blends your pets personality with their distinctive features. We can provide pet portraits of Any pet you might have. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, all you have to do is provide a good photograph of your favorite pet.

Human Portraits:
We approach our human portraits a little differently than some artists. We provide a “personalized portrait”. Our portraits tend to be a departure from the classic portrait. Our clients provide a extremely varied requests, and we try to accommodate them.

Sports Paintings:
Any sport, any player, we can paint all sports and the players. Please view our sports gallery, for commissioned paintings. You will see teams from Michigan and around the country. Golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, diving & car racing can be painted.

Animals and Wildlife:
Our company originated and currently is located in Southeastern Michigan. Living in a semi-rural environment, has provided, and continues to provide, much inspiration for beautiful wildlife and animal paintings. Located on a beautiful Michigan lake, we have the opportunity to experience the tranquility of the water and all the animals associated with it. We can paint a wonderful painting of a place in Michigan, or anywhere, that you hold special.

Floral Paintings:
Gorgeous floral compositions can grace your walls. We can paint any variety of flower and arrangement that you request. The four season’s we experience in Southeast Michigan, provide plenty of beautiful subjects to paint. Birds and butterflies are lovely additions to the floral paintings.

Home & Garden Paintings:
Our homes are our castles! Let us paint a wonderful “portrait” of your home. Your home and its garden can be painted in any of the seasons we experience in Michigan or of your choice. The home portraits are wonderful gifts, as well.

Please note that all the artwork displayed on this website is exclusively the property of the artist. The images may not be
modified or cropped in any manner, or used commercially or for profit, without the expressed permission of the artist.