Commission A Painting

My goal is to create a realistic interpretation of people or of their beloved pets using photographs as my reference. Please know that the quality of the final portrait or artwork, is in relation to the quality/ clarity of the reference photographs provided. Good quality digital images are not a problem for me to work from. If you have hard copy photo’s, and the quality is high enough, I can work from those , too. I very rarely turn down work because the quality of the images isn’t high. There just has to be a clear understanding that for the detail required, and to capture the real character of the subject, some artistic license will be used. If I have any questions regarding things that are unclear in the photo’s I will contact you. We can usually work together to attain the best outcome.

I use only the finest quality art supplies. High quality mediums on archival quality supports. The mediums I use are rated high/highest in lightfast testing.

Below is a guideline for my pricing for commissioned work. These prices are a guide. I will quote per individual upon receipt of quality reference photographs. I will communicate with you to ensure the perfect composition, medium and the size of the artwork to suit the subject.

A 50% deposit is required in advance of the start of all commissions to reserve a spot in the schedule. If the commission is cancelled 4 weeks or more, prior to the starting date, then all but 20% of the deposit will be refunded. If the commission is cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to the start date of commission, then the full deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations may have caused the loss of a commission that could have been scheduled during that time frame. The estimate date for the start of the commission will be giving at the time of reservation.

Size Price Composition 1st Extra Subject 2nd Extra Subject
 8″x10″ $225 1 Head & Shoulders N/A N/A
8″x12″ or 10″x10″or 12″x12″ $275 1 Head & Shoulders N/A N/A
11″ x 14″ or 12″x16″ $300


1 Full body or 2 head and shoulders $95 N/A
16″x20″ $500 + 3 head & shoulders max or full bodies $95 $75
All Other Sizes Please contact me for an individual quote
Graphite or Black & White Portraits
8″x12″ $200 1 Head & Shoulders N/A N/A
16″x20″ $400 2 Head & Shoulders $50 N/A

Additional Services

• Backgrounds – Plain or Soft Shading Tonal is free of charge.

• Minimal Detailed – From $40 dependent on the size and the detail required.

• Special sizes can be created to best suit the subject manner.

• Matting and Framing is extra. Once the drawing is completed, a quote for matting/framing will be given.

• Shipping is extra.

Please note that all the artwork displayed on this website is exclusively the property of the artist. The images may not be
modified or cropped in any manner, or used commercially or for profit, without the expressed permission of the artist.