About Me

I have studied fine art since 1973. I pursued my education at an art academy in Michigan and at the college level, later in my life. After winning a “Scholastic Fine Arts Award for Painting”, I was encouraged to follow my enthusiasm and show my artwork. Vivid colors, and the power of light, are indispensable components of my paintings and drawings.

My paintings are “representational” in style. I try to depict my subjects as close to reality as my abilities allow. I find it challenging and extremely rewarding to paint in the various categories of; portraits, still lifes, florals and animals. I work from photographs and real life.

As artists, we sometimes are asked questions that require a certain amount of patience to answer. Now, when I am asked: “How long did that painting take you ?” I reply, ” My whole life”.

“Everything about my painting is aimed at expressing my emotional response to the subject. It is more important to me to convey to the viewer the emotion, or spirit, of the subject, than to paint extreme photo realistic detail.”

Please note that all the artwork displayed on this website is exclusively the property of the artist. The images may not be
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